Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Program Initiative!

The office is starting a new civic engagement program with the pediatric department at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in Allentown. The program will consist of storytelling to children ages 2-8, as well as, a teenage component that will vary when volunteers go to the site . The visits will be bi-weekly.  The Office is looking for 2-3 volunteers who are passionate about kids and/or reading with them. This semester, the program is planned for every other Wednesday from 5:00- 6:30PM. For more information or to take part in the program, please email Emily Hirsch at to get involved!

A little background on Good Shepherd’s Pediatrics Program:
The program offers the most current therapeutic approaches and state-of-the-art technologies to help children with physical disabilities or injuries live their lives to the fullest. Developmental disabilities served by Good Shepherd’s Pediatrics Program include ADHD, autism, brachial plexus, central auditory processing problems, cerebral palsy, chromosomal abnormalities, developmental coordination disorder, developmental delays, feeding and swallowing disorders, fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile x syndrome, genetic disorders, hearing impairments, juvenile rheumatood arthitis, learning difficulties, motor coordination problems/dyspraxia, muscular dystrophy, pervasive developmental disorder, pronunciation disorders, sensory integration dysfunction, speech/language impairments, spina bifida, spinal muscular atrophy, toe walking, and torticollis.

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